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Find yourself asking "who has the very best tree removal service near me?"

When you choose us from the many regional tree removal companies in Harrisburg PA, you can feel confident that we'll take care of your trees as if they were our own.

Our staff of professional tree trimming specialists are vetted and guaranteed to provide top notch service. Not only that, but we are unrivaled professionals at tree trimming and tree removal.

Here's just a few of the many services we provide ...

- Emergency situation tree removal after a storm

- Eliminating hard or specifically high trees

- Removing trees near power lines

We can deal with even the trickiest tree service projects for Harrisburg PA residences and commercial properties!

We can do tree removal, tree trimming, stump removal, and so much more!

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Tree Removal

Tree cutting is a vital part of keeping your trees healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Here at Lancaster Tree Services, our professionally trained arborists have the abilities to carry out tree cutting.

We trim the trees in a manner that promotes quick healing and leaves an elegant shape.

Emergency Tree Services - After Storms - Or Any Time At All!

Do your trees have excessive damage? Or have they fallen after a major storm? This can cause all sorts of issues that need to be quickly addressed.

Here at Tree Service Harrisburg, we're proud of our unique reputation for supplying some of Harriburg's top-rate tree care services. Our arborists are licensed experts and understand precisely how to prune and trim your trees to enhance their health and visual.

We're just as dedicated to transparent rates as we are to high-quality work. Give us a call today to get a free quote for tree care service in Harrisburg PA!

Tree Service Safety!

We provide a vast array of expert services; such as tree removal services, a tree cutting service, a tree elimination service, and tree stump removal.

All of which we can perform, while satisfying the highest level of safety requirements and practices. Each and every one of our staff members is highly skilled and experienced. You can be sure we're both productive and safe. Protecting YOU and YOUR property.

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Tree Pruning

Let our professional arborist trim your trees FOR you.

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Expert Tree Removal

Our tree service experts are trained to provide top notch service. Call us today!

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We routinely receive high praises from every one of our clients for the speed at which we operate, the friendliness of our staff, and especially for our job site cleanup skills. That last one is where we will leave your property cleaner than it was before we starred. We never create extra work for our customers to do when we get done.For example, after those very dirty tree stump removal services, we will even make attempts to refill back in the hole left behind, as much as we can using on site material. We will cover the area where the stump once sat in your yard with as much leveling material that is available, and then fully remove any trace of both the stump and ourselves from your land. We are here just to serve you, our customer, and to provide you with the sense of safety and security that comes from knowing beyond a doubt, that there is one less thing to worry about around your property. Once we perform our top of the line tree inspection, and take care of any and all issues we discover, before they can become problems. You should always remember, that prevention of issues is much cheaper to achieve, than the cleanup after a problem occurs.

We're on a mission to serve Harrisburg with all their tree service needs.

Tree Stump Removal

Tree Stump Grinding

Stump grinding, like the name indicates, is when we grind a stump down until it's below the surface of the ground. We then cover the stump with a layer of topsoil, entirely erasing the stump from view. You're then totally free to use that area for laying sod or planting flowers.

To grind down the stump, we utilize a large tool called a stump grinder. The mill looks like an enormous lawn mower that we position over the stump. A huge saw blade inside the machine then goes to work grinding and destroying the stump.

Stump grinding does not imply completely removing the stump; in fact, the underlying root structure will remain undamaged. Stump grinding is a popular choice since it's more inexpensive and less intrusive than stump elimination.

Harrisburg PA tree service

Emergency Tree Removal

After storm damage, fallen or leaning trees can be hazardous if they have not totally come to rest on the ground. Property owners, please have an expert manage the moving of the tree to spare yourself injury!

Expert tree companies like Tree Service Harrisburg are experienced in thoroughly getting rid of a tree that has fallen during a storm.

You will first want to see and assess the circumstance if the tree is merely laying in the backyard-- which folks experienced with a chain saw can deal with, or whether the tree still presents threats to home or people-- which calls for qualified arborists with liability insurance coverage.

Often, just part of a tree may have been broken off or broken. While the particles on the ground can be tidied up easily, damaged branches still in the tree can end up being removed by wind and hurt individuals or residential or commercial property in a wide location under the tree. We advise removal of these hazardous branches right away for your own safety.We're happy to help with this and can get to you quickly. Call us now!

Dead Branch Removal

The stump you see protruding of the ground is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Beneath the soil lies a vast root structure. When we carry out a full stump removal, we dig the stump out of the ground and remove its root structure. This is the most comprehensive way to take out a stump, however it's likewise the most labor-intensive and expensive.

The speed of removal depends upon the size of the stump along with a couple of other factors. We have to take into account the current location of the tree, the size of the stump, how hard the wood is, and how rocky the surrounding soil is.

Whether you decide to select elimination or grinding, Tree Service Harrisburg County is the natural choice for tree service in Harrisburg PA. We'll finish it with quality, efficiency, and a competitive cost. You'll see that our dedication to customer complete satisfaction is evident in the care we take when you work with us.

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